PUPILS from Crowdys Hill School were a shining example when they made lights to help children in Zambia.

The Year 9 students at the school, in Jefferies Avenue, took part in the projection in partnership with Lights for Learning.

The charity, based in Cricklade, builds solar-powered lighting to support those in disadvantaged parts of the world.

And at the event on Wednesday, the youngsters made 94 lights which will now be donated to the Kamwi School, in Zambia.

Gemma Watkins, assistant head of achievement at Crowdys Hill School, said everyone at the school was delighted to be working with charity following a similar initiative last year.

“Kamwi is based in a remote part of Livingstone and the lights will ensure that the youngsters can continue learning when light reduces," she said.

"We’d worked with Lights for Learning, last year, and it was a pleasure to do so again.

“The children really enjoyed themselves. It was more difficult than last year, as we did everything from scratch this time around.

"The students really enjoyed it and some made several lights.”

The lights will be sent over to Zambia in the summer and installed at Kamwi School.

And accompanying the delivery will be postcards from the children, who made the lights, and a book for the Zambian children encouraging them to write back to England.

The lights were funded by a donation of £1,000 from Cirencester Rotary Club.

Gemma said: “A big thank you goes to the rotary club because without their support we wouldn’t have been able to make the lights.”

Crowdys Hill School is a secondary special school for students with complex needs. They have 128 pupils and staff look to improve their wellbeing and confidence through a tailored curriculum.

For more information visit www.crowdyshill.swindon.sch.uk