AFTER years in the pipeline an application to demolish the Wyvern Theatre multi-storey car park has been submitted for approval.

The destruction of the dilapidated structure, built in 1972, has been in the offing ever since the Whalebridge multi-storey car park was completed 18 months ago.

If given approval it will come down in the latter months of this year, with hopes the demolition will be completed by next January.

The whole area has been set aside for redevelopment and bringing down the Wyvern car park is a key element to the project, known as the Kimmerfield development.

As well as the Wyvern car park, one adjacent to the bus station is also set to be demolished over the summer.

Garry Perkins (Con, Haydon Wick), Swindon Borough Council member for regeneration, said: “We are in the process of removing many of the car parks in the town centre to replace them with modern ones.

“The Wyvern (car park) is currently not fit for purpose. It doesn’t have adequate lighting or security and many of the spaces are not wide enough so you end up knocking doors with the car next to you.

“Now the Whalebridge car park is complete, along with the one at Regent Circus there are far better facilities for people parking in the town centre.”

The plan is for a new museum and art gallery to be eventually located at that site when funding is secured as the whole area is transformed.

Shopmobility, which is currently on the ground floor, will move to Sanford House just around the corner while an improvement to the theatre entrance will be constructed so disabled people can access the building.

Once the car parks are down, the next stage on the Kimmerfield development will see the bus station moved on to Fleming Way.

“It won’t happen straight away but this shows we are making progress with the development,” said Cllr Perkins.

“We got money from the Government earlier this year to move the bus station and once these car parks are down we can start work on that.”

A case is also being put together to sell the the former Aspen House site, next to Temple Street.

The multi-storey building was demolished last year and the council is looking to sell the land.

Cllr Perkins said: “We are putting together a business briefing so we can put it to market.

“It is all part of the plan and when developed will provide a link from Kimmerfield to the town centre.

“Before that, we have budgeted to turn the land into a green space which the public can use.”

A spokesman for the Wyvern Theatre said: “Swindon Borough Council has advised us that they intend to close the Wyvern multi-storey car parks in the next few months. The Wyvern has many other car parks within easy walking distance including the Whalebridge multi-storey and Regent Circus car park.

“If you require easy access to the theatre, we recommend using the Whalebridge car park and entering through the side pod if you are sitting in the stalls.

"If you are sitting in the circle or boxes or coming to the restaurant, we recommend you use Regent Circus car park and enter through the main doors in Theatre Square.”