MY old friend Wikipedia says Tony Hadley is 55 years old. Yep, that’s right... 55. Plenty old enough to be a grandad and rapidly heading towards pensioner territory.

And yet, despite two decades (and the rest) having passed since Spandau’s heyday, the frontman has lost none of his energy, none of that cheeky charisma and only a few of the higher, longer notes in his distinctive soulboy voice. And as for those boyish good looks? Well, they’re still there too, albeit aided by a bottle of hair dye and viewed through the eyes of a fan old enough to be a grandma.

The rest of the boys... ermmm, men... aren’t faring too badly either, and together the five of them at Westonbirt Arboretum still look and sound remarkably good together; every bit as smooth and polished as they were back in the '80s.

The Westonbirt crowd took a while to warm up - probably because, with an average age of 50, it can take a while to get up from those picnic blankets. Among the comments I overheard during the opening number were “Oooh, must get a picture of that lovely tree” and “I need to sit down, my back’s aching”.

But once the band launched into Highly Strung and Only When You Leave, the Pimm's seemed to kick in and the atmosphere picked up, men and women alike singing every word.

A two-line teaser from Gold came in the middle of the set then vanished again, but it was always going to be the big closer of the night. And after True and Through The Barricades had us all smooching like we were back at the school disco, came that bizarre yet oh-so-familiar lyric: “Thank you for coming home. Sorry that the chairs are all worn...” and that sparkling chorus which carried on into the car park and beyond.