MAKING the best of whatever fate has put her way is the reason Chloe Wintle gives for having such a happy life.

The great-grandmother celebrated her 100th birthday yesterday surrounded by family members and friends.

She received her message from the Queen and marked the day with a meal at the Cricklade Hotel followed by a pianist playing tunes from her past.

To have reached this landmark is something of a surprise to her but she says a positive outlook has helped her along the way.

“I never thought I would reach this age but I have,” said the matriarch.

“I have had good friends and family around me who have helped through the difficult times but I have lived well.

“There have been bad times but what’s the good of moping around.

“You just have to get on with life and fight through the difficulties.”

Despite being born with sight problems, Chloe did not let it stop her doing anything when she was growing up in and around Gloucestershire.

When she lived in Ross-on-Wye she was attending a youth group when she met her husband Albert through a friend.

They married in 1940 but because of the war it was a number of years before they could enjoy being together properly.

Chloe said: “He was in the Medical Corps and we got married when he was back on leave. But he was home for a week and then he was called away again and I didn’t see him for four years.

“We were like strangers in the beginning.”

But that didn’t stop the couple from living a long and happy life together. Albert went back to his job managing a shoe shop before working as a medical officer at Gloucester Prison.

Chloe took the occasional job but much of her time was spent raising their two children – Maggie and David.

Albert died in 1986 and a few years later Chloe moved to Swindon where she has maintained an independent life.

Before moving, she took part in numerous hobbies but was particularly fond of knitting and made many items which were then sent to developing countries.

Her faith has always been central to her life and through Freshbrook Evangelical Church she has made many good friends.

As well as her two children Chloe has three grandchildren – Ken, Abbey and Michael – as well as three great-grandchildren, Josh, Evie and Thomas.

Ken said: “She helped look after me when I was growing up and my granddad when he was ill. She has always been there for all of the family.”