SWINDON Needy Dogs (SNDogs)has received a welcome cheque for more than £500 following this summer's dog show at Lawns.

On June 7 dozens flocked to the Lawns to take part in the show, which was part of the Old Town Festival.

All the proceeds from the show went to SNDogs.

“Drove Vets were delighted to present Swindon Needy Dogs with a cheque for £577, which was made possible by the money raised at Old Town Festival Dog Show earlier in the year," said Jane Carter, of Drove Vets.

"Drove’s passion to support the local community and local charities were all ‘rolled into one’ with this amazing event and a fun day was had by all, two legs or four!

"Donna McDonnell, an experienced dog behaviour counsellor at the vets, was delighted with the success of the event and the incredible behaviour of all the dogs who attended, and she just loved seeing families enjoying a day out with their four-legged member of the family."

The charity was also delighted to receive the money, which will help to rescue needy pooches.

Jess Bascombe, coordinator of SNDogs, said: "“This donation will greatly help us be there for dogs in. Thank you so much Drove.

“Swindon’s Needy Dogs was set up in 2012 to help dogs in the pound find rescue places.

“As the rescues were becoming unable to take any more dogs we would need to assist them ourselves. We are still taking dogs from the pound as well as finding some spaces in other rescues but we are also now helping other dogs who may be at risk.”

To find out more about SNDogs and how you could help, call 07940 268101 or email swindonsneedydogs@gmail.com or visit sndogs.org.uk.

Josie Williams, festival chairman, said: "The Old Town Festival committee were delighted with the input from Drove Vets this year. In fact, it was the best dog show we have ever had."