PEOPLE with concerns about plans to lease out Lydiard Park and Field will have an opportunity to air their views next month.

Swindon Borough Council has announced it plans to lease out the historic asset as it attempts to find savings.

It currently pays nearly £500,000 year to subsidise the house and park, which is free to the public.

When the plans were announced there were worries it would lead to a number of changes, including reduced access to the Georgian house.

While council chiefs have said the access to the house will remain, possibility of charging for car parking remains.

Two public engagement events have now been announced so people can ask questions as well as find out information about the process.

A council spokesman said: “An independent marketing process will soon be under way to find a partner who can help us both preserve and improve Lydiard House and park, with a view to reducing the council’s annual subsidy of £450,000 and giving it a sustainable future within the council’s ownership.

“More information about the marketing process for potential partners will be available shortly.

“As part of this two public engagement events are also being held next month inviting residents and users to share their views, and site stakeholders will be receiving a letter to update them.

"This information will help determine which proposals put forward by prospective partners are most appropriate for Swindon and local residents.

“People unable to attend the drop-in events, held at the park’s Visitor Centre can give feedback by emailing”

The drop-in sessions will be held at the park’s Visitor Centre on November 18, from 8.30am until 3pm, and November 22, from 9.30am until 3.30pm

Resident Les Brian, of Celsus Grove, has issued a rallying call for people to attend so their views can be heard. said: “I think we need to get as many people to these meetings as possible because to ensure we are heard, as everything is extremely quiet at the moment.

“Maybe I just don’t get out enough but I haven’t seen these meetings advertised anywhere.

“These two dates are our main chance to register our views on the future of Lydiard.

"The information they gain at these meetings will be utilised to inform any potential assessment process for interested parties."

So we need to be there.

“It is important and the council need to know that the people of Swindon don’t want Lydiard gone.

“It is a place to relax and unwind and we are lucky to have such a green space in Swindon.”