THERE were no cold turkey sandwiches for Swindon’s very own Billie Piper on Boxing Day this year, as she enjoyed a meal cooked up by the chefs at Spicy Aroma.

The Devizes Road Indian restaurant was the eatery of choice for the Secret Diary of a Call Girl star on Boxing Day when she made an appearance with husband Laurence Fox.

The restaurant posted a couple of pictures from the star appearance on their Faecbook page and said it was great to have her in.

Co-owner Hanif Robbani said that his business partner Abdul Ali had been delighted to welcome the singer and actor to the restaurant.

He said: “Abdul called me all excited at about 6.30pm to tell me that she had come in. From what I can gather she turned up out of the blue.

“At first nobody recognised her, and it wasn’t until the end that they realised who she was. Abdul said to her ‘you look familiar – are you Billie Piper?’ and she reluctantly said yes.

“She was very nice, and agreed to a few pictures.

“They were originally going to to dine in, but they had their two little children with them so they decided to take their food away – you know what it is like trying to have a nice meal with children around sometimes.”

Choosing from the restaurant’s extensive menu, they opted for a chicken methi and chicken densak with two chicken tikkas for the children, with pilau rice all round.

Hanif said: “I am sure there are a few claims to fame that Swindon has, but Billie is definitely one of the more recent and most successful celebrity. Me, myself – I am a personal fan, I enjoy her stuff on TV.

“It was lovely to have her in – and very unexpected. We hope she enjoyed her food and we hope that next time she is in Swindon that she will come back.”