AMATEUR ghost hunters captured what they believe is proof of paranormal activity in local woodland.

Ghostbusters Pauline Green and Darren Clark were on a late night walk in Lawn Woods when they became disturbed by the atmosphere.

The pair then took a series of spooky snaps which captured a mysterious white mist rising from the ground.

Pauline, who lives in the town centre, said the two friends had the feeling they were not alone as they walked through the eerie woods.

“I’ve always had an interest in the paranormal and that night I just knew I had to go to the woods. I had a feeling,” she said. “I asked my friend Darren, who is very interested in the spiritual world, to come with me. When we walked into the woods we both at the same time felt uneasy, it was like someone was watching us.

“We snapped some photos and that’s when we saw this mist. I don’t know what it was but I think it was something paranormal.”

The 50-year-old believes the second “apparition” is a woman in a flowing white dress being carried by two people. She said there is no explanation for the patches of mist revealed in the photos.

“We weren’t smoking so it can’t have come from that, and it was a very clear night. It can’t have been our breath because we were standing 20 feet away. There is absolutely no reason why it would be there.

“I know what I saw out there. I know what I felt and I genuinely believe we saw spirit activity.”

The pair have now planned a further trip to Lawn Woods for another investigation.

Pauline and Darren also took specialist EVP recorders, designed to record spirit voices. Pauline claims unexplained drumming and a man’s voice (not Darren’s) can be clearly heard on the tapes.

John Williams is the founder of the Swindon Ghosthunters, a group of paranormal investigators who regularly visit alleged haunted locations. He said the spooky snaps had intrigued him but he could not be sure if they were genuine evidence of the paranormal. “They are certainly strange photos and they could very well be evidence of spirits in the area. The white mist on the ground could be heat rising from leaf mulch on the ground. It would depend on the temperature.

“The second photo is more intriguing because although it looks like a cobweb, the mist extends to the ground. Further investigation is needed on these sites and we may very well go up there for the night.”

Ghost hunter of 20 years John had sterling advice for fellow sleuths who want to go ghost hunting in haunted Swindon.

“I will always be sceptical about photos because so often it will be dust or cobwebs. If you do feel there is something there I would recommend taking three photos of a site to make sure it’s not a trick of the light.”

For more information about the group, search Swindon Ghosthunters on Facebook.