HOMELESS hounds were spotted in an Old Town pub this weekend as part of an animal rescue charity’s fundraiser.

The Steam Railway Company in Newport Street was the venue for the furry friends fundraiser, in aid of newly formed charity Swindon’s Needy Dogs, known as SNDogs.

Pub regulars had the chance to meet the dogs, who wore adopt me harnesses, and purchase tickets for the raffle which came with a top prize of a bottle of prosecco donated by the pub.

Canine companions looking for loving homes Included Irish wolfhound and Spanish rescue dog Mason and, and Border terrier Betty, who was thrown from a moving car.

Volunteer and dog foster carer Moira Fraser said they were delighted with the response received to the fundraiser.

“It has put a smile on people’s faces seeing the dogs in here today. Our dogs all have their own different personalities and today isn’t just about fundraising, it’s also about raising awareness of responsible dog ownership and most importantly getting them into a loving home.”

Volunteer and barmaid Amy Jones said it was important to assess the dog’s behavioural needs before placing them in a new home.

“We’re a local charity and we are able to take dogs into a home with our volunteers and that enables us to pre-vet them and find out a dog’s personality before we place them. So today is almost the first step towards that. People can meet the dogs and see if they could be a good fit for them before they move forward.”

Fundraiser Claire Fantini-Stephens said she hoped the day had boosted the charity’s profile in the town.

“People can see for themselves the good work we do here and what it’s all about, which is caring for these gorgeous dogs,” she said.

SNDogs currently cares for 15 perfect pooches and provides training, neutering, and microchipping services along with information and support for responsible dog ownership.

Their network has now expanded to include a pool of 15 pre-vetted foster carers who provide accommodation for dogs in need.

The charity covers all food, training and veterinary bills until a suitable forever home can be found for them.

They are often the first port of call for the Swindon Council dog pound which has been inundated with abandoned dogs in the last year

Formed in 2012, the charity was designed to save innocent animals from dog death row.

SNDogs officially became a charity in September, enabling the animal welfare and re-homing service to gain greater financial support.

For four years SN Dogs has been a familiar face at fairs and fetes in the town and has relied upon the public’s generosity to raise much needed funds.

The charity is now looking for more volunteers to foster dogs, anyone interested in becoming a volunteer should email swindonsneedydogs@gmail.com.

The group can also be found on Facebook. Search Swindon’s Needy Dogs or visit www.sndogs.uk