CONCERNS from library campaigners have been raised about the proposals being put forward by the council.

Shirley Burnham, of the Save Old Town Library Group, says there are concerns about putting so many key assets in the hands of volunteers.

She said: “Transformation programmes like this run great risk of failure.

“There’s no evidence-based mechanism for judging in advance whether community groups have either the capacity or capability to deliver a library service that is fit for purpose.

“I had been somewhat reassured when, in his written answer to my question to scrutiny on December 14, Councillor Perkins confirmed that ‘Staff will be involved as the strategy is developed and regular staff engagement sessions will be held as the process develops.’

“So, what has the library staff input into the strategy been, if any? I fail to find any evidence of it. All I can see is that it is to be every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost, leaving communities which cannot cope to whatever fate befalls them.”

“Surely, for the avoidance of doubt there must be a Plan B to provide for the possibility that cabinet’s proposals may be found to be unachievable or inadequate?

“We currently have a very good library service. What a shame if it is all dumped when it costs residents just 2p or 3p a day.”