MEMBERS of Wroughton’s library campaign group gathered today to present staff with a giant Valentine’s Day card to show how much they love their local facility.

As part of Swindon Borough Council’s plans cut the costs of library services a suggestion has been made to relocate Wroughton Library and sell the building – a course of action which has been met with fierce opposition in the village.

To show library staff how much their work at the library means to the village, Talis Kimberley-Fairbourn created a special Valentine’s-themed card and rallied friends and supporters to deliver it.

“With Valentine’s Day coming up, it sounded like a good idea and something quick and easy, which is non-political, to show our love of our library and to show staff they are appreciated," said Tallis.

“I then put the idea on social media and now the staff at the library knew they are supported and appreciated and that we are on their side. They can’t say anything as it is their profession so it was very much a grass roots thing for the village.

“What we have seen with the card is that as well as leaving names, people are writing little stories in there about what it means to them when they visit.”

The Wroughton Library Campaign Group has recently been set up to fight the cut to the village amenity which Talis hopes will get the attention of the council and to make them think differently.

She added: “I had to take action when I heard Swindon’s plans which was such a drastic one for the town’s libraries. Because we are a village, a self-contained one on the other side of the M4, there isn’t another library within walking distance.

“We love our facilities and the part it plays in social cohesion, community engagement and helping people who might be isolated. The library is free and we need it. If they remove it, there will be a short term saving but a long term, it will cost so much more for the lives of people in the village.”

The Valentine’s card at Wroughton Library has acquired supportive and heartfelt messages from all corners of the community, and will be in the library after Valentine’s Day for those who have not yet had the opportunity to see it and would like to add their signature.

Campaign groups have also been started in West Swindon, Old Town and Highworth ahead of the consultation which starts next week.