A DISABLED woman says she is “living in fear” of her tumble drier exploding after finding out it is among millions subject to a product safety warning.

Mary Robinson, 77, of Park South, bought the new Indesit tumble dryer for £189 in November.

She says she was unaware that it was among the five million Hotpoint, Creda and Indesit dryer models sold between 2004 and 2015 that have been included in a product safety alert after being linked to a string of fires although there is yet to be a product recall from Whirlpool, who manufacture the products.

Mary, who has Crohn's disease and limited mobility, said she is scared her tumble dryer will ignite in the middle of the night, leaving her unable to get out.

“When I read the articles online, I couldn’t believe they had been allowed to sell the products. I think it’s outrageous,” she said.

“It is difficult for me because I bought it in good faith and I am terrified that something bad will happen when I’m asleep.

“I want the company to just give me my money back so I can get something else. It’s ridiculous, you shouldn’t be scared of a normal household appliance but every time I’m in there I feel terrified

“I’m living in fear, I’m scared to put it on in case it bursts into flames."

Mary said she relied on the tumble dryer daily but is now afraid to switch it on.

“I need it because I don’t find it easy to get up and hang stuff around the house or outside," she said.

"I am struggling now and the fact remains that they are a danger to the public."

Mary said she had contacted Whirlpool to ask for a refund but had yet to receive a response. And in the meantime she said she won’t touch the dryer for fear of voiding its warranty

“My son said he would take it away for me but I’m worried the warranty would be affected. But I don’t want it in the house any longer, it scares me,” she said.

Freedom of Information responses from fire brigades across the UK revealed 926 fires caused by dryers were reported to emergency services between 2011 and 2013 – equal to 309 a year or one almost every day.

Some 80 out of 93 Hotpoint’s models are included in the safety alert, along with 28 of Indesit’s 37 models and five out of 11 Creda dryers and reports show the appliances can spontaneously combust even when not plugged into an electrical socket.

In January a property in Guildford was destroyed after a family said their Indesit tumble dryer burst into flames.

Whirlpool was contacted by the Adver but declined to comment.