DOZENS of protesters gathered outside the council chambers before Thursday’s council meeting to voice their opposition to the proposed cuts.

Organised by the Swindon People’s Assembly, people held placards and chanted against a wide range of issues, including the closure of children centres, cuts to the library budget and plans to increase the number of parishes.

Those in attendance said they were angry because it felt as though the council was not standing up to the government.

Kate Linnegar of the assembly said: “We’re here because we are questioning why the council is putting through cuts to our public services without challenging central government.

“Other councils have written to David Cameron and George Osborne to say the cuts are having a detrimental impact on the people in their area.

“If the council can keep saying, we don’t have the money and we have to come in on budget, they can get away with doing anything.”

Kate said the wide range of issues people were attending the demonstration to protest against showed how unhappy many people are.

She said: “We are particularly aggrieved about the children's centres because we campaigned against those closing last year and were told seven would close and the remaining five would stay open but now they are all going.

“There are people here concerned about the libraries, parishing, and Lydiard so people are worried about everything.

“The concern is what else are they going to cut? I really would like the council to lay out for the people of Swindon, this is what we have saved so far and this is how much we have to save.

“It would give lay people like me a chance to see exactly what is going on and will help us when it comes to voting.”