CONCERNS have been raised that the loss of the Wroughton Library building would lead to a number of community groups having to come to an end.

Sally Speller is a member of one such group, which for a number of years has taught youngsters from Wroughton Infant School how to make ribbons.

Each week she, and a number of other volunteers, teach a number of six-year-olds the skill and what is created forms a display in the school.

However, she fears that if Wroughton Library building is lost as part of Swindon Borough Council’s community asset review then it would have to stop.

“The library is great as it provides us with the space, warmth and support we need,” said Sally.

“One of our group is in a wheelchair and we have good access in the library. There are not the community facilities in Wroughton which provide what we need so I fear if the library was to go then we would have no choice to stop.”

The council is in the process of carrying out a public consultation on the library service in Swindon after it was decided to cut the budget by nearly 60 per cent over four years.

It is the plan all libraries in Swindon, with the exception of the Central Library, will be run by volunteers.

A review of all community assets is taking place and as a council owned building, Wroughton Library is considered an asset.

It was initially feared the council were already planning on moving the service to the Ellendune Centre but Councillor Garry Perkins (Con, Haydon Wick), the cabinet member responsible for libraries recently confirmed at a public meeting that no decision has been made on any library.

But Sally fears the wider community of Wroughton could be impacted if it does close.

“We are not the only group to use the library,” she said.

“It is used by all sorts of groups, many already run by volunteers. This is such an important building to Wroughton.”

When news of the library proposals were announced, a number of users designed a card which they signed to express show important the building was to them.

In February, it was announced with the council needing to make more than £50 million in cuts over the next three years, the library budget was being cut from £2.6 million to £1.1 million.

The council is set to produce a report in the summer following the consultation which will outline the plans.