A WOMAN’S life was made a misery due to her address being similar to that of a brothel in Okus.

The resident, who lived with her autistic son, has been plagued by people knocking on her door with sexual demands since at least May last year.

Details of her plight emerged in Swindon Magistrates’ on Friday as Swindon Borough Council succeeded in getting the real brothel closed.

Two Polish women were working as prostitutes from flat 8 of Vervain Court in Pasteur Drive during the time of the incidents.

Ewa Serzysko, 38, and Malgorzata Tkaczyk, 48, were both residents at the flat, which was raided earlier this year by police following complaints from the woman.

When they entered the property, officers found ‘clear evidence’ of a brothel operating from the flat, including a large number of condoms, tissues and sex toys.

The two women have since disappeared but the order, which was granted and means only the police and landlord can enter the property, will stop the flat being used in this way and end the plight of the woman at the other address.

The landlord of the brothel lives in the Midlands and was not aware of the issues at his property.

They had rented the flat to a German woman and then it was sub-let, despite this being forbidden in the tenancy agreement.

As well as closing the brothel, it is hoped the order will bring peace of mind to the resident at the mistaken address.

“This poor woman, who unfortunately lives at a household with a similar address, has had an appalling experience,” said Francis Maples, acting on behalf of the council.

“She has had to deal with calls from people making sexual demands, some of whom get angry when they find out they have the wrong address.

“She lives with her autistic son and has her grandchildren over to stay. The first incident was reported on May 26, 2015 and it appears to have got much more intense in the final months.

“On Christmas Eve, there were three calls on one day.”

It is thought the woman initially tried to tolerate the problem and then took measures, such as putting up signs saying there was CCTV at the property, to discourage callers.

However it was only after the problem went on for months that complaints to the police were stepped up.

PC Sophia Best said: “It has been very distressing for this woman. I became aware of it May but I think it will have been going on since before then.

“By the end, she was getting very frustrated as the process to get warrants and things takes time but I am pleased her experience has come to an end.

“I do not want any resident to feel unsafe in their own home.”