ARRESTS were made this weekend after football fans clashed at the County Ground.

Police officers lined the streets following the 2-2 draw between Swindon Town and Millwall.

As fans filed out of the County Ground, an overwhelming police presence, including Metropolitan officers specially drafted in for the operation, formed a protective line between Swindon Town and Millwall fans.

Baying crowds were kept separated before Millwall supporters were escorted to the train station.

And Wiltshire Police confirmed three arrests were made during the evening, all for low level offences.

One Broadgreen resident and football fan, who did not wish to be named said the post-match events had ruined his match experience.

“We had expected the worst. It was terrifying outside. It’s a shame some fans have to spoil it for the rest of us. Who do they think they are, pushing people around and throwing their weight about isn’t the way to behave, especially when you come to enjoy yourself on a weekend," he said.

“I’ve come with my little boy today and I am disgusted with the language being used by the fans and all the gestures they’re doing. It’s a football match not a school playground.”

Multiple police vans could be seen circling the Broadgreen and town centre areas in the aftermath of the match.

Town pubs, including the Merlin in Drove Road displayed signs saying only home fans were welcome.

Match commander Superintendent Mark Sellers said adequate police presence had ensured the game had passed smoothly.

“ Three low level arrests for low level disorder, tone of game as expected, sufficient police and stewards on duty to deal with all eventualities and game has passed successfully,” he said.

Acting inspector Rachel Hardy, from Wiltshire Police said the scale of the operation kept things under control.

“It was a large operation and the large majority of football fans behaviour was acceptable and were able to enjoy the match. A small number of fans behaviour was inappropriate and this was dealt with.

“A significant police presence, which kept the fans separate was the way in which it was dealt with, meaning there were low-level public disorder arrests but nothing more serious.”