A CHARITY concert in jeopardy of being axed after thousands of litres of water flooded their church venue has been saved at the last minute.

It was music to the Swindon Symphony Orchestra’s ears when they found out yesterday the show could go on.

The concert on Sunday, in aid of the Wiltshire Air Ambulance, was due to take place at St Luke’s Church in Broad Street. But disaster struck on Tuesday lunchtime when the basement was flooded with more than 3ft of water.

Firefighters were needed to help pump the water out, before carrying out a safety check. However, the water caused havoc with the boiler and water system and with the chilly forecast for the weekend the orchestra did not want to risk holding the concert there.

“It was not going to be fixed in time and we faced having no water facilities, toilets or heating,” said composer Malcolm Webb.

“It was a disaster. We had a situation where 50 members of the orchestra had to be told and they have been working hard for the concert, and we did not want to disappoint the audience.

“We took the decision that we did not want to postpone the concert and we have managed at the last minute to relocate to the school hall at St Joseph’s Catholic College in Ocotal Way.

“We had to work quickly and everyone is happy. The concert can go on and we do not have to let the Wiltshire Air Ambulance down, the players are also looking forward to the concert.

“We are using social media and word of mouth to let people know but we want to make sure everyone is aware there is a change of venue and get the word to as many people.”

The concert at St Joseph’s Catholic College will start at 7.30pm. Guest clarinet soloist Helen Pysanczyn will also be performing and the composer will be James Harpham.

Tickets cost £8 for adults, £6 for concessions and children can go free.

Malcolm added: “If we could raise £200 for the charity we would be very pleased and we are looking forward to a wonderful evening.”