A GROUP sending vital aid to migrants in the Calais ‘jungle’ are furious people are donating useless erotic items such as stockings and Ann Summers’ outfits.

Swindon-Calais Solidarity has had enough of the saucy donations arriving at their warehouse instead of things they desperately need like tents and blankets.

And while initially it caused a few giggles, the group has now blasted those who think it is appropriate to donate high heels and silky boxer shorts to those living in hardship in the migrant camp in France.

“I am absolutely furious,” said founder of the group Anna-Maria Edwards.

“The most inappropriate thing you can receive we have received it. At the beginning we called it our rubbish box and it gave us a bit of morale but as time has gone on we can’t believe it and we have had enough.

“We are using the stockings as an example and people have been defending it and saying ‘people are doing their best and we should be grateful’ but it is absolutely ridiculous.

“We are having to sift through dirty clothes. I’ve had blue t-cut for a car, a paper guillotine, picture hooks and curtain tie-backs.

“People are using our warehouse as somewhere to fly-tip and we are having to get rid of it at our own expense as there is no way I am taking it out the Calais fund.”

The group, which launched last year, is also facing another blow as they will only have use of their current warehouse until May before they move to a smaller storage facility.

They have just weeks to shift through the mountains of boxes and are appealing for volunteers to help them sort through everything and get rid of unsuitable items.

Anna-Maria said: “It keeps my husband awake at night as it is such a huge worry. There are three of us are having to go through boxes and boxes of stuff."

However, despite the set-back with the unsuitable donations Anna-Maria has been overwhelmed by the response from the community and saw first-hand the impact the group's help is having when the group visited the camp last month.

She added: “We have had so much support, the group took off it a way we never expected.

"They really need our help, when parts of the camp were torn down thousands of pounds of donations were lost, it was absolutely criminal. They are having to start again from scratch."

Anyone who can help volunteer should contact the group on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Swindontocalais