CAMPAIGNERS for Save Swindon’s Libraries are urging residents to get all submissions on the library service in to Swindon Borough Council by the deadline of April 29.

Sarah Church, chairman of the Save Swindon’s Libraries campaign, said: “It is vital that all library users tell the council exactly what they need in a library service. We are encouraging individual users, friends groups, readers’ groups, and any other bodies of residents to submit their views to the council this week.”

The Save Swindon’s Libraries campaign submission covers the importance of branch libraries and professional staff, as well as evidence to back up why a publicly funded professional solution is the only way to achieve a comprehensive and efficient service.

The campaign continues to fight the decision to cut 60 percent of the libraries budget by 2020, although £300,000 has already disappeared from the service this year.

Commenting on the recent petition to full council, a campaign spokesman said: “We were so disappointed that our demonstration was not taken seriously by the cabinet, who seem to be either unaware that their voters are fully behind the Save Swindon’s Libraries campaign, or they simply don’t care.”

Anyone who would like to support the campaing by letting the council know how important libraries and library staff are sould