THE of pupils and staff at Bishopstone Primary School almost doubled last week thanks to their artistic talents.

Tiny replicas of them went on display in the village hall on Friday at the finale of a project that has kept everyone busy for weeks.

Led by the school’s former head teacher Sue Dent, who is now an artist, they studied different artists and visited the NewArtCentre(CORR) at Roche Court in Salisbury.

Current head Emma Lindsay said: “The children have been highly motivated and enthused at learning new techniques, creating sculpture with a high level of finish to it.”

She explained: “Over a period of several months the children have been studying artists in their year groups. Each year group has then gone on to produce work based around the artist that they have used for inspiration.”

Among the artworks on display were gingerbread clay scultpures, a Repujado wall hanging, Clay heads on wooden pedestals, fantastical birds created from recycled materials and an abstract plaster of Paris balloon sculpture.

Little figures were also carefully moulded and shaped by pupils, staff and some parents to represents themselves holding something important to them.

“We are all incredibly proud of the creative ability of the children, when they are given the time and focus can create such inventive and inspiring pieces of art,” added the head.