A WOMAN from Sparcells took her own life following a battle with depression, alcohol and prescription medication, an inquest has found.

Debra Mercer, 44, was found dead at her home in Lowes Close on February 27.

An inquest at Wiltshire and Swindon Coroner’s Court in Salisbury heard that she was discovered by her son Tom.

He was living at the house at the time but on that day, he had returned home from spending the previous night at his partner’s address.

Her Majesty’s Senior Coroner, David Ridley, read a statement concerning Debra’s medical background in which he detailed a history of sedative dependence, depression and alcohol dependence.

Although she was not showing any signs of wishing to cause herself harm in the months before her death, Debra had previously tried to take her own life by overdosing on six separate occasions since 2003.

The inquest heard that the day before her body was discovered, Debra had been involved in a dispute with a neighbour but that she did not seem particularly troubled by the incident.

Her son had briefly returned home in the evening following the dispute and she had made no reference to it.

Police officers investigating the circumstances of her death did not find any evidence that a third party was involved.

In a statement read out by the Coroner, Tom said the relationship with his mother had not been good from an early age – he had moved in with his grandparents and they had become his legal guardians.

He said his mother began to drink towards the latter stages of her relationship with his father and that since that point, about 11 years ago, she had become dependent on alcohol.

Tom described Debra as a bad drunk – aggressive, loud, obnoxious, unreasonable and sometimes violent.

They began to reconcile in 2013 and since 2014 he had been living with her again, they had started to rebuild their relationship.

In the hours before her death, Debra sent a message to Tom saying ‘love you lots’.

He said he did not believe his mother meant to kill herself, instead he believed it was a cry for help.

When Debra was found there was evidence of an overdose, blister packs of prescription medication were found all around the room.

Toxicology reports showed that she had 15 milligrams of venlafaxine and 8.7g milligrams of propranolol in 100 millilitres of blood.

The normal level indicative of therapeutic use of the latter is 0.3 milligrams and both can cause fatalities at levels over 4 milligrams.

Mr Ridley said: “I am sure that Debra died from a deliberate act initiated by herself.

“I have heard what Tom says, but this is not the first instance of an overdose.

“This overdose was substantial and I do not categorise it as a cry for help.

“Taking everything into account I am satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that Debra did intend to take her own life at that time.”

He recorded a conclusion of suicide.