BUDDING entrepreneurs entered the Dragons' Den at Swindon College today.

Level 3 business students pitched their own unique ideas for the next top product to six pillars of the business world in a Dragon’s Den set-up.

The four teams – Sea-Sational, Candy Crush, Summer Smooth and Lighter Leash – were hoping to slay the dragons with their ideas and pitches.

Their ideas ranged from traditional American sweets to alcoholic smoothies to lighters.

They were looking to secure financial backing from the Dragons, who represent Business West, Appsbroker, nseventeen, Heritage, Thirdline and GripIt Fixings.

This included Trowbridge native Jordan Daykin who became the youngest person ever to secure investment from the Dragon’s Den at the tender age of 18. His business GripIt Fixings is now worth an estimated £10m.

The 20-year-old said: “It’s been amazing to be here today, I’m really impressed with what they have brought to the table today. They all had so much confidence which I wish I’d had when I went into Dragon’s Den at 18.

“Teams Sea-Sational and Candy Crush stood out because they had great pitches. Sea-Sational in particular were pretty much flawless. They knew their stuff, the answers for every question asked and they knew the figures. I was impressed and we’re going to talk about collaborating in the future.”

Sea-Sational, proved successful with an idea for alcoholic and non-alcoholic smoothies to be sold at universities. Four of the Dragons offered a £10,000 investment for 20 percent of the company. And it caught the eye of guru Jordan who offered them a business card.

Team Sea-Sational were Alex Blakeley, 18, from Highworth, Emily Nelhams, 19, from Gorse Hill and Sabina Begum, 18 from Walcot.

Sabina said: “We were focused on doing the best we could and we never expected to get Jordan’s attention. He’s a similar age to us and we’re so pleased he thought our idea could work.

Emily said: “It was nerve-wracking because of who they all are but they were all really nice and supportive. It was a good experience.

Alex added: “Smoothies are really popular in today’s market and if university can combine their five-a-day with a drink then I think they would.”

Business and IT lecturer Andy Paterson said the day had brought out their best in the students.

“It’s part of their qualification and it makes them realise what business is all about. It’s a challenge to create a business pitch and they are honing their skills in the business industry through doing this.”

“They have worked in teams, they have calculated the figures, they have done it all and I think they have done a very good job.”