BLACK dogs and cats are missing out on loving homes simply because of their colour, says one town animal expert.

Jessie Bascombe, founder of charity SNDogs currently has black dogs Zakk and Ziggy in her care. But she says the perfect pair are often overlooked when it comes to finding a forever home simply because of the colour of their fur/

“Black and brindle are always the most unpopular colours and it is such a shame,” she said.

“These dogs have been with us for three or four months and they are such lovely animals. They deserve the opportunity to enjoy life and have a long, happy and healthy home life but they are not popular because of their colour.

“People always say how a little black dress is the perfect outfit, well a black animal is the perfect pet to go with any outfit.

“It’s a shame because animals do get discriminated against because of their colour. Part of it is superstition, some people think black animals are unlucky or they don’t look as cute in photos which frankly is a ridiculous reason not to adopt an animal. Black is beautiful and we want everyone to see that.”

Ziggy was rescued from a shelter in Spain after many years and at age nine is finally on the look-out for his forever home.

“Ziggy is a lovely dog, very handsome with black and white patches. He can be a bit shy because he was in that kennel environment for so long but any owner would be so lucky to have him,” said Jessie.

Ex-racing greyhound Zakk has been living with a foster carer for three months after his owner was no longer able to care for him.

Jessie said despite Zakk’s loving nature, it has been a struggle to find a new home for him.

“Zakk is a gentleman and loves cuddling up on the sofa. He also walks beautifully on the lead but it has been difficult to find that forever home for him. There hasn’t been that much interest but we’re hopeful because he would be such a great addition to any home.

And Jessie said it’s not just homeless hounds who are affected with black cats and kittens also difficult to rehome.

“If we have a litter of kittens the black kittens will always be the last left when it comes to rehoming when it shouldn’t make any difference,” she said.

Charity Cats Protection agree that black cats are the most difficult to rehome and are often over-looked in favour of their ‘prettier’ siblings. And in 2014, the RSPCA estimated 70 per cent of 1,000 cats in care were black.

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