A MAN who hid a packet of cocaine under his foreskin while naked in the car park of Homebase has appeared in court.

Joshua Hare was shouting and making a nuisance of himself at around 8.30am on Tuesday, June 17, which prompted concerned members of the public to call police.

When officers arrived at the DIY megastore in Southampton Road, Salisbury, there was a “struggle” between the officers and the 24-year-old before he was arrested and taken to hospital.

On Tuesday at Swindon Magistrates' Court, he pleaded guilty to being in possession of 7.2 grams of cocaine on June 17. He also faced charges of failing to surrender to bail, which he admitted.

Keith Ballinger on behalf on the Crown Prosecution Service, described how the wrap “emerged” from Hare’s genital.

The substance was later tested and confirmed to be cocaine but in interview Hare declined to comment.

“He was last in court in May for aggravated taking of a vehicle without consent and was given a suspended sentence,” Mr Ballinger said.

Hare, who is of no fixed abode and changed his surname from Jordan-Hare by deed poll, was represented by Nick Redhead.

Mr Redhead told the court that Hare has a “troubled background” and that he is homeless and has had problems with drugs and alcohol. He is also being assessed for mental health issues.

Mr Redhead said how Hare was in intensive care after he fell ill with kidney issues in police custody earlier this year. He appealed to the magistrates to take this into consideration when sentencing.

“He fell into a coma and thought he was going to die,” Mr Redhead said.

“The damage to him as such is he is a high risk of killing himself if he continues to misuse alcohol. He has managed to stay away from alcohol pretty much.”

Bench chairman Mary Holland said: “Dealing first of all with the breach of the suspended sentence order we feel you have left us with no option and we must activate the prison sentence. It will be activated for 12 weeks."

For the possession of a Class A drug Hare was ordered to spend one week in custody which he will serve alongside the 12 weeks. 

He was also ordered to pay a victim surcharge if £115.