ICE cream lover Rosemary Yeldham has scooped a very ‘ice’ prize after winning a lifetime’s supply of the frozen sweet treat.

The 74-year-old, who lives in Wanborough, is a self-proclaimed gelato aficionado and couldn’t believe her luck when she found out she had won an endless supply.

It means whenever she needs some to satisfy her cravings she doesn’t just have one tub of vanilla ice cream tucked in the freezer, but 26 litres of the stuff from honeycomb flavour to chocolate.

And every year on her birthday luxury brand Mackie's of Scotland will top-up her supply.

Her win comes after she was successful in the company's competition to celebrate its 30th anniversary producing its famous sweet treat.

“It was such a lovely piece of news to brighten up my day,” said Rosemary speaking about how she felt when she found out.

By joining Friends of Mackie’s on the Aberdeenshire firm’s website, Rosemary was automatically entered into the draw to win the endless haul of her favourite ice cream.

She added: “This was the first competition like this that I’ve ever thrown my name into the hat for and I had forgotten all about it, so when I got the call it was quite the shock.

“I’ve always thought that ice cream is absolutely essential for leading a happy life so Mackie’s will be putting a huge smile on my face for years to come.”

A keen traveller, Rosemary has spent a lot of summers in Scotland, travelling the highlands after making the long trip up from the South of England.

She hopes that in the future she might make it up to visit Mackie’s Westertown farm in Aberdeenshire to indulge in her love of ice cream even more.

“Having been as far north as Orkney on my frequent travels north of the border it would be a snip to make my way to Inverurie and have a look at where the magic happens,” she said.

“My family were pie-eyed when I told them so I’m sure a few of the vouchers will be heading to the North and Essex, where they live, though sadly I think my step-son in New Zealand might not be able to find any Mackie’s in the local shop quite yet.”

Along with the vouchers, Rosemary received a selection of Mackie’s of Scotland’s new range of chocolate bars that are made on-site in Aberdeenshire.

She added: “I’m more of a fruit topping kind of person but I’ve no doubt some melted chocolate would go down an absolute treat.”

Rosemary’s win came off the back of twelve year’s supply winners who have received their own scoop of good news since last June.

Mackie’s have been sure to spread the joy with winners all over the UK digging in to their share of tubs of their luxury ice cream.

Karin Hayhow, marketing director at Mackie’s of Scotland, said: “We know it might be a childhood dream to win a lifetime’s supply of ice cream so we’re delighted to have made that a reality for Rosemary.

“It’s lovely to hear that she’s such a big fan of our ice cream and it would be great to see her make the journey up to see us one day.”