ROYAL Mail employees who went on strike today over claims of bullying and harassment by managers and the suspension of a union officer are now back at work.

Around 300 postal workers at Royal Mail’s delivery office in Dorcan gathered outside the depot on the A419 from 6am after deciding “enough is enough”.

This afternoon a Royal Mail spokesman said the dispute had been settled.

Kevin Beazer, south west regional secretary of the Communication Worker’s Union, which represents Royal Mail employees, said: “It appears CWU members have taken unofficial strike action today in Royal Mail sites across the Swindon area out of anger and frustration due to the actions of the employer.

“Local CWU officials have been working very hard to resolve historical and ongoing allegations of bullying and harassment within a number workplaces which has ultimately led to a joint Industrial relations review with the employer.

“Unfortunately rather than deal with these important issues in a sensible and pragmatic manner it appears management have taken a very aggressive step by suspending one of our senior CWU representatives, which has now led to a mass walkout by our members.”

Chris Rye, the CWU’s area rep and branch secretary, was suspended yesterday after speaking out over claims that bosses had stopped paying someone who was off sick.

Though grateful for their support, Chris wished to stress that he had in no way encouraged people to strike, saying earlier: “Employees have made their own decision to be here today.

“I got a phone call this morning saying staff have had enough and had decided to walk out.

"I came down to make sure it wasn’t all about me - I can win the case on its own merits."

Staff claimed that the company had not been paying people properly and had drastically reduced their over time.

Steve Cox, employee and union rep, said: “We have had seven or eight different managers in the past two years, which is far too many, and there has been an awful lot of bullying and harassment.

“We are now at the stage were the staff have had enough after the union rep was suspended yesterday on trumped up charges.

“We want to do things the correct way and resolve the issues properly, but Royal Mail seem to think that in this day and age it is ok to bully and harass people.

“By suspending our area rep they knew we would be forced into taking this action.”

A spokesman from Royal Mail said earlier: “We are fully committed to resolving our colleagues' concerns in co-operation with the Communication Workers' Union (CWU). We will do all we can to minimise any disruption and to deliver and collect mail as normal.”

According to employees, there is an ongoing review into claims of bullying and harassment at Royal Mail.

And in 2009, the Adver ran a story about staff at the company's Dorcan office being made to “feel like prisoners”, after claims they were refused bathroom visits and their tea breaks were being timed.

“Enough is enough,” said one striking employee, who wished to remain nameless.

“They have treated people badly for so long and now they go and suspend Chris for no reason whatsoever. It’s ridiculous.”