A SWINDON campaigner is on his way to Downing Street in a bid to raise awareness about mental health issues.

Steve Carr, from Pinehurst is trekking more than 80 miles to Number 10 to personally hand in his 12 page report on the issues of homelessness and mental health.

The findings were gained from mental health champion Steve’s visits to charities, soup kitchens and radio stations in February.

Steve battled mental health problems, drug addiction and homelessness in the wake of the death of his older brother Paul in 1991.

Paul was one of five young people to lose their lives when a car careered off Akers Way. At the age of 15, Steve had to deal with the loss of his brother and the effect of the trauma on his whole family.

But now 24 years later he is in recovery, and the strength and determination that has brought him this far is now driving him to try and help others.

“There needs to be a focus on education, funding and communication," said Steve, 40.

“It’s great to know that I gathered the information that I needed, I have the report and that I can raise awareness around the subject. I’ve been very excited about starting the six-day journey.

“I hope I get a response from Downing Street, I hope I can shine a light on these issues, both of which I am affected by.

“I saw some things that shocked me. In Birmingham, I saw 300 people waiting to be fed. When you see all those people queuing every night for probably their only meal of the day, it brings it home that something has to be done."

He will be joined on the first 15 mile leg by friend of 12 years Ian Whit, who was full of praise for Steve.

“He’s showing people that it can be done. And I don’t think anyone else has done what he’s done this year to highlight mental health and homelessness issues. Steve is inspiring people,” said Ian.

Steve also has plans to launch social isolation groups who help people with depression, anxiety and who suffer panic attacks get the support they need.

And there will be no chance to rest after the challenge completes on Wednesday as Steve will fly straight out to Portugal to join boot-camp leader Ricardo DeFazio for a 20 day cycle challenge around Europe.

All proceeds will be donated to Prospect Hospice, Brighter Futures and the Unite Outreach Project.