NEO-NAZIS from across the south of England held a secret meeting in Swindon last month as a radical youth group looks to step up its presence in the town.

London-based members of the extremist group, National Action, made their way down the M4 to meet fellow far right youth from the South West.

The meeting took place on August 14, it was aimed at building ties between regional factions.

A wall along the Moorings, behind the Westcott Place Garage, was sprayed with racist graffiti including swastikas, references to fascism and a depiction of Adolf Hitler next to the word ‘hero.’

In an update to fellow members, a representative of the group said: “National Action South West held a joint social in the town of Swindon with members of London National Action.

“Among the things discussed was closer co-operation between the two emerging regions.”

This is not the first time that National Action has made its presence felt in Swindon in recent months.

They were behind a spate of criminal damage around the town centre and Old Town where stickers inciting hatred and proclaiming Swindon as a ‘white zone’ were left on lampposts and other street furniture.

At the time, a spokesman for Wiltshire Police said the force had begun an investigation into the stickers.

National Action, who claim to have regional groups in Scotland, Wales, Yorkshire, the Midlands, London and the South West, hit the headlines last year when one of their members was found guilty of the attempted murder of an Asian man.

Zack Davies, 29, used a claw hammer and a machete as he tried to behead a Sikh man who he wrongly believed was a Muslim – he claimed the daylight attack in a North Wales Tesco store was revenge for the murder of Lee Rigby.

In 2014, another National Action member was jailed for subjecting a Jewish Labour MP to shocking anti-Semitic abuse on social media.

Garron Helm, 21, from near Liverpool, tweeted a picture of Luciana Berger with a yellow star superimposed on her forehead along with the hashtag, 'Hitler was right'.

Online abuse has also occurred closer to home in recent months.

Following coverage of a ‘refugees welcome’ march in the town centre in July, a Swindon man took to the Adver Facebook page to post about ‘white power’ – he was reported to the police.

His social media profiles suggest that he is a supporter of the same National Action organisation that held a meeting in Swindon last month.

It would appear that other Swindonians had no time for the racist messages left behind by the right wing group after their graffiti session.

Yellow smiley faces have since replaced one of the swastikas and the face of Hitler, with the word losers added too.

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police said: "We are appealing for witnesses in relation to the graffiti sprayed on this wall in Swindon, which we believe was carried out in August this year.

"If you can help with our enquiries, please contact us on 101."