A MYSTERIOUS flying object has been spotted in the skies of Swindon.

Retired BT engineer Graham Woodward was driving home with his son Stefan, 18, when they both saw three bright white lights in a triangle hovering above Westcott Place.

This video was filmed by Richard Newton in Liden of the mystery lights

It was visible for about three minutes before it veered out of sight on Sunday evening at around 8.19pm.

The 62-year-old of Nelson Street is convinced it was not a drone as it was unlike anything he has ever seen before.

And he has now contacted the Adver keen to find out if anyone else, in particular the drivers behind him in Royal Wootton Bassett Road near Kingshill roundabout, caught a glimpse of the unusual object in the hope the riddle of what it was can be solved.

“It was so brightly lit,” said Graham.

“It was as large as a light aircraft and the three bright lights were on the points of a three sided black or very dark triangle.

“I said to my son, ‘what on earth is that’ as it does not look like an aircraft as it has no blinking navigation lights.”

Graham then turned into Westcott Place where he got a different view of the object and saw a red light in the centre.

He also slowed right down and wound down his window to listen for the noise of an engine but heard nothing.

“The object suddenly veered off to the left and we lost sight of it,” Graham added.

“However there were several cars following us that must also have seen similar what we did. My son also confirmed my thoughts by agreeing with me that it was unlike any aircraft that we had ever seen.

“On reaching our house ten minutes later I rang the police on 101 and reported what we had seen, and was told that possibly it could have been one of these drones that are popular these days with hobbyists.

“However I do not think so for one moment as it kept pace with our car right from Wootton Bassett Road into Westcott Place before turning off to the left and out of sight.”

Police took the details from Graham but they said there were no actions they could take.

Graham added: “I stressed to them that I don’t wish to appear as being some sort of crank as I am an engineer by profession and am quite logical. I am certainly able to recognise any type of aircraft, but the object certainly was unlike any flying object that I have ever witnessed before.

"I really hope someone else saw this."

Did you see the three bright lights in the sky? Contact the Adver newsdesk on 01793 501800.