SPECULATION over what the mystery lights could be that residents spotted in Swindon on Sunday night is rumbling on.

Dozens more have been in touch with the Adver to say they too have seen the triangular shape object, which has three bright lights on each corner and a red light in the centre. It appears to hover in the sky before zooming out of sight.

One resident in his 50s, who lives in Nine Elms, thinks it may have been a weather balloon rather than a sign of extra-terrestrial life.

He said: “It was pretty surreal and a strange occurrence. I turned a blind eye to it at first when I was in the garden.

“For me it looked to be in very slow motion but at an extremely high altitude. It also looked a bit like it was on fire so it could have been a meteorite that caused a silver reflection in the sky and gave an illusion, but I couldn’t’ see a vapour trail.”

Meanwhile Ryan Wetherill spotted something more usual in the sky near Wroughton with dozens of lights in the shape of a triangle and took a video.

He said: “When I saw it smoke was coming from the sky.

“Also there was very loud noise that night like very loud thunder but it wasn't, you can't tell the difference that's just what it sounded like.

“We first saw it at the top of Wroughton by the go karting centre around 10pm and it looked like it was coming from Avebury so we drove from Wroughton past Avebury which is when I caught the footage.”