PUZZLED passengers have been waiting at the wrong bus stop in Wroughton because there were no notices to tell them the route had been cut in changes to services.

Residents near the shelter in Kellsboro Avenue found themselves going out to break the news that they were in for a long wait.

The new services were brought in on Monday after new stops were put up in Wharf Road. But confusion was caused immediately because the new stops were put up without signs and there was nothing to indicate buses would no longer use Kellsboro Avenue.

Wroughton resident Talis Kimberley-Fairbourn took matters into her own hands on Monday and stuck a sign up at the stop warning passengers the service had changed. She said people had seen passengers waiting for a bus that would never come and were popping out of their homes to let them know.

Talis, a parish councillor, said the only services using the stop ran on a Sunday and very late at night. “Weekday and daytime services are surely the bulk of the journeys and what should be here is a big sign saying what buses no longer run this way. Sundays and 11pm does not a service make.”

Andrew Watling said on Facebook: “I’ve had to nip out to tell people buses no longer run down Kellsboro Avenue.”

Several bus users are complaining.

Nicola Brown said: “The 49 bus frequency is ridiculous and was late which made me late for work. They need to put more frequent 49 buses on.”

Toni Harper posted: “Been waiting 35 minutes for a bus that is supposed to run every 15 minutes. Hope I’m not late for my interview.”

One student said she finished college at 4pm in Swindon, but her journey home took more than an hour.

A Swindon Council spokesman said: “We have requested that Thamesdown Transport, who manage the bus stops on our behalf, take down the signs at Kellsboro Avenue and these should be removed shortly.

“We have also asked for the new bus stops on Wharf Road to have proper bus stop signs put on them along with timetables and this will be done as soon as possible.”