A PHOTOGRAPHER has set out on a year-long mission to tell the story of the country’s most famous river through a series of breathtaking photographs.

Fifty-four-year-old professional snapper Annette Price, who is based in London, has since the start of the year been wading through the waters of the Thames searching for the source of the historic river.

She is, at present, conducting an amphibious investigation in the Lechlade and Cricklade area, before eventually moving further down the river towards London.

Annette said: “I am a photographer and I do a lot of caving and kayaking and other outdoor activities. I have always had an interest in rivers and I go paddling on the Thames quite regularly. This project is simply a natural extension of that.”

She has divided the river into 12 sections, each with an average length of 18 miles, and she plans to photograph each section in turn, following the river through the changing seasons.

In January she began the Source to Sea project by photographing the area around Kemble in the Cotswolds. The exciting adventure will take her right through to December as she charts the river’s unique characteristics.

She is appealing to anyone in the Swindon area who might have any information or stories about the river to get in touch.

She said: “If anyone has any interesting stories of their life on the Thames – and that could be anything from living in a boat, to fishing or kayaking – or any interesting relationship with the Thames, I would really like to hear from them.

“I am hoping to find a lot of little stories that I haven’t come across before. I want to look at the wildlife that grows on the river and found out about the people who do interesting things on it.”

To contact Annette, email her at annette@h2ophotography.com.