A CUDDLY canine with a unique appearance is on the look-out for a loving new home, after being overlooked for adoption for more than three months.

Black and grey cross-breed Shearer has been in the care of town charity SNDogs since the beginning of the year.

The playful pooch has a large fatty lump on his abdomen which SNDog volunteers believe may be putting off potential owners.

The lump is not dangerous and poses no risk to Shearer’s health. However, it cannot be removed due to its location.

Shearer is also a slightly older dog at 13 meaning he is often overlooked in favour of other younger dogs, despite being in excellent health.

Clare Fantini-Stephens, from SNDogs said: “We have had dogs that have been with us for much longer but to be fostered for three months and not even have anyone interested is very rare

“It’s also such a shame because Shearer is a lovely dog with a very sweet nature and he really does need a home to call his own now.

“I think people are being put off by the fact that he is older and of course the lump on his stomach which maybe makes him look less appealing than other dogs. The lump is of no concern to us, Shearer has been examined by vets and he is in perfect health.

“He has the most lovely personality and he is generally a very happy-go-lucky dog who loves cuddles, eating and going for walks.”

Shearer is currently being fostered in North Swindon. He is comfortable living with other dogs, cats and small children.

He was originally brought up in Germany where he lived with a couple who then moved to the UK. When the couple parted ways, Shearer was unable to be taken with them and he was handed over to SNDogs.

Also on the look-out for a home is 13-year-old tri-colour Border collie Star. She was one of seven collies taken in by the charity at the start of the year. S

She was initially scared to go out she had stayed indoors most of her life. Star is still a little nervous but is growing in confidence.

As well as new homes the charity is appealing for dog fosterers to come forward who could provide temporary accommodation for the homeless hounds.

SNDogs, which was formed in 2012, was designed to save innocent animals from dog death row and helps stray and pound dogs in the town.

The charity covers all food, training and veterinary bills until a suitable forever home can be found for them.

To adopt any of the dogs or to become a fosterer visit sndogs.uk