This is Living – A journey of love and loss,

Shoebox Theatre

Until tomorrow at 7.30pm 
Tickets: £10 + Booking Fee

Suitable for ages 15+

 When an introduction has you hooked, it can go one of two ways. Fortunately, in this case - Stripped Raw stayed true to their namesake with their interpretation of Liam Borrett’s award winning debut play.

In a poignant week, where mental health has become a focus point in the press “This is Living” is a thought provoking and at times comical account of love and grief. Rio Cormack’s and Steve Cowley’s powerful performances and chemistry shines a light on the darkest of topics taking their audience on a journey of love and loss.

Whilst Michael’s (Steve Cowley) story shows our necessity to hold on to those that have passed which is both relatable and moving, Alice (Rio Cormack) also plays her part in showing that we all deal with grief in differing ways.

True to life the script is brilliantly written. Splicing flashbacks with present day, not to confuse but to stabilise the audience in darker scenes. Love and grief are by far not light topics especially for a two - person cast but both Rio Cormack and Steve Cowley do not disappoint. The flawlessness and intensity of their performances is reflective of the sheer passion that runs through the core of the group and theatre.

It is this passion that makes this production unmissable. The humour is as dark as the topics that it tackles but no less entertaining. “This is Living” served to me as a reminder of why I attend the theatre not just to be amused but to be moved. - Emma Smith