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Common courtesy

Steve Haldon writes of his experience at the Cheney Manor recycling plant where he had to show proof of his Swindon residency. I know I, and many readers from now on, will have something displaying their address as evidence on their next visit.

Owing to job commitments a relative moved to France some 25 years ago. The recycling plant where they live has at its entrance, neatly mowed grass and flower beds. The recycling plant employees greet you with a smile, and more often than not, a firm shake of the hand. Don’t ask me what happened to the traditional French greeting of a kiss on both cheeks? Like Marie Antionette said: “You can’t have your cake and eat it (too)!” Or something like that.

My relative’s local recycling plant in France is probably an exception to the rule, but if Swindon is to improve its image as a town of culture, why can’t SBC emulate our cousins across the channel? It wouldn’t cost a fortune mixed with a bit of common courtesy to make a recycler’s experience more pleasurable.

WILLIAM ABRAHAM, Rodbourne, Swindon

We need a safer system

It is high time that Britain created its own computer operating system to replace Microsoft. The world can no longer rely on its systems. The world needs a computer system that does not have any flaws in it.

Microsoft are continually updating their computer systems and this creates problems for users like the NHS who are using a vulnerable outdated version. If we stuck to our own British designed system we could keep improving it until all the flaws had been corrected.

Commerce in Britain and all around the world is in constant danger from attack by computer viruses.

This cannot go on. Britain needs to design its own systems. The NHS needs systems that can be relied upon not to crash when attacked by hackers.

If Britain designed its own 100% safe computer system the whole world would beat a path to our door in order to use it.

STEVE HALDEN, Beaufort Green, Swindon

Recycling centre woe

I viewed with interest the letter from Steve Halden about showing ‘Proof of address’ at the local recycling centre.

As most people who attend the recycling centre pay their appropriate Council Tax, I personally can’t imagine that anyone at the recycling centre, who asks for this proof, has any legal right to do so!

So what happens if you refuse? Are they going to cart you off to court? I very much doubt it!

I appreciate that there can be problems, but I pay my Council Tax and, in my mind, that entitles me to use any of the recycling centres in Wiltshire.

Unless, of course there is something I have missed. Has it anything to do with the Parish Precept? I am unaware of it!

CHRIS GLEED, Proud Close, Purton, Swindon