One year on from the death of MP Jo Cox, the sun beamed down on an event aimed at celebrating communities coming together.

The Great Get Together event saw dozens descend on the Central Community Centre on Emlyn Square on Saturday for an afternoon of food and live music.

Organiser Hannah Parry, 33, of the Mechanics Institution Trust said: "This weekend is all about bringing communities together. I think these days we don't have enough opportunities to do that."

The event was one of hundreds across the country set up in memory of Jo Cox, the MP and campaigner murdered last June. Overseen by husband Brendan Cox, the Great Together aimed to bring people together for street parties or picnics.

Hannah Parry added: "There have been people coming and going all afternoon - over a hundred so far."

The event was organised by Swindon City of Sanctuary, Voluntary Action Swindon, The Harbour Project, the United Lunch Club and Swindon Food Network. Swindon bands Mr Love and Justice and the Cowshed Ceilidh Collective.

The party also saw the launch of Swindon Refugee Week.

Kate Hudson of Swindon City of Sanctuary, one of the organisations behind the week, said: "We're trying to raise awareness about global migration and how we can't as a town turn our backs on it."

Recently, asylum seekers have sought refuge in Swindon from as far away as Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea, she said. "These asylum seekers are amazing people - highly skilled individuals. We have professors and doctors."

With loud music, vegan food and a hot sun, people were enjoying the party atmosphere.

Rodborne woman Tanya Simmons, 49, said: "I like the music; it's got good vibes. And it's the weather for it."

Mum Rebecca Sturgeon, 35, said: "We came to look at the buildings." But daughter Miriam had a different idea and demanded they join the party.

Lorraine Stanton of pop-up caterers Out Farmhouse Kitchen was cooking vegan treats. She said: "It's always fabulous to be part of these community events."