Twelve months ago Angelika Davey started a German tuition and translation service and business is booming.

She operates a service for both business and private clients and is also the official interpreter for Devizes and its twin towns of Waiblingen and Mayenne.

"We will come to your premises or to your home for lessons at a time which is convenient for you," said Angelika.

"Most of the companies I deal with want to improve the language skills of their staff.

"I do this by offering lessons for beginners to A-level, including business German. Then other companies want translation and proofreading services.

"It might surprise many people that more than 100 million people speak German in Europe and Germany is the UK's largest non-English speaking trading partner, second behind the USA."

Angelika, who hails from Lower Saxony, came to the UK 25 years ago when she got married.

Since then she has been teaching and was a full-time German teacher at Pewsey Vale School.

Angelika said 20 per cent of UK exporting companies say that they are losing business because of language and cultural barriers and there is a £100bn trade relationship between Germany and the UK.

In 2005, exports of goods and services from the UK to Germany were £45bn and imports from Germany to the UK £60bn.

"There are more than 1,700 German subsidiaries and many successful German brands in the UK, which just goes to prove that I have a service to offer."

One of her pupils, Peter Watson of Avon VMS, Chippenham, said: "I can understand German quite well.

"But Angelika gave me the confidence to speak German on the phone and I feel more able to deal with queries when exhibiting in Germany.

Paris Welton of Connected PR in East Grafton said: "We have many German clients and they all speak English.

"I feel it's about time to return the compliment."

For more information contact Angelika Davey on 07977337431 or visit