The powerful and intense drama of Othello is the third production by The Scullions, a theatre company set up to make the plays of William Shakespeare accessible to everyone.

The dark tragedy based on the themes of race, love, betrayal and jealousy unfolds at the Shoebox Theatre, Theatre Square, Swindon on Tuesday, August 1 from 7pm.

Nick Cooper from The Scullions said: "Our way to best tell this story was to focus on these characters and let their relationships be explored in new and interesting ways. The issue of race has always simmered under the surface in Othello but we aim to bring that to the audience in a way that discusses the insecurities and prejudices that bring together this timeless and all too relevant tragedy.''

This production is set in the 1940s during the Second World War. Othello's wife Desdemona follows him to Cyprus where he must lead his militia into battle. The physical ferocity of war is also unleashed inside Othello's mind as jealousy tears at his sanity.

The theatre company is based in Bath, originally set up by students at Bath Spa University. Their first successful adaptation was Hal and Falstaff which again came to Swindon, and the second was Henry V performed through a promenade performance.

"Our small company has now expanded to a cast of eight, young and passionate actors but our mission statement has always remained to bring the excitement and drama of the play right to the forefront of our performance,'' said Nick.

Tickets to see Othello in Swindon are £7 (Concessions - £5). The play is suitable for ages 12+. To book or for more details visit: