PUPILS at Chuchfields School put their scientific thinking caps on and wrote to the Prime Minister about nuclear power.

More than 20 Year 7 youngsters from the Salcombe Grove school wrote individual letters to Gordon Brown telling him how the energy source will affect future generations.

Twelve-year-old Naima Baqar said: "The environment is important and we should do all we can to give our opinions on it.

"I said in my letter that nuclear power has the advantage of providing energy but there are also some disadvantages.

"It is expensive, takes a long time to build and sometimes destroys the landscape. But these are less than the problems that nuclear power will cause."

Twelve-year-old Mathew Chambers said: "Although nuclear power stations have the advantage of high energy output and no CO2 emissions the uranium ore must be dug up and will one day run out.

"I believe we must use cheaper, greener energy sources like solar, wind and tidal which, although they have defects, are better for our environment."

Elizabeth Corbett, 12, said: "I agree that nuclear power has the advantage of producing loads of energy and no carbon dioxide.

"However it will damage huge masses of landscape. Also it produces lots of toxic waste, which gives off harmful waves that will destroy and kill living tissue. It's costly too, £12bn in fact."

Science teacher Guy Green said: "This group are very bright and full of opinions on what the world should be like.

"I thought it would be a good idea if they got their thoughts down on paper and sent them to Gordon Brown.

"This is something that is financially and environmentally part of their generation so it's important they are aware of nuclear power."

The pupils sent the letters off yesterday and are now eagerly awaiting a response from Number 10.