THE Swindon Film Society’s 70th Anniversary season continues at the Arts Centre on Wednesday with the high-pitched Egyptian political drama Clash.

The story takes place over the course of a single day and night in 2013, in the chaotic period of President Morsi’s forced removal from power by the Egyptian army.

This gripping film is entirely set in the back of a police van in the midst of a political riot between revolutionary demonstrators and the pro-Morsi supporters of the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood.

News reporters, innocent bystanders and clashing demonstrators from both sides are randomly arrested by the riot police and bundled into the van, while in the streets outside the fighting continues to rage all around them.

The heat inside the van is stifling, while outside it tear gas, stones and shouting fill the air. Despite their outraged hostility towards each other, the prisoners trapped together inside the van have no choice but to co-exist in this truly scary and claustrophobic space.

The film starts at 7.45pm. For more details visit