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Driving away voters

Open letter to North Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson: I react, in horror, to the front page news from the Mail. I know they are a bit OTT, but the story is that your Government has given all councils the nod to put up council tax by six per cent from April.

I thought the June election was an attempt by Mrs May to get out of office, but this must be her latest hand at the card table.

Does she not realise that the golden egg is running out of money fast, and this sort of thing will only drive any voter to someone new at the best?

Will my pension go up by a similar rise in April, or do I just cough up?

Councils need to take a hard look at their spending and only spend what they can afford. This lot in Swindon think tomorrow is never going to come, so they are spending fast and are in debt for hundreds of millions.

Last year the Police And Crime Commissioner got just over £12m from precept payments, and yet would not say how he spends it, and he is in line for a rise as well.

The Commissioner says the local police get a lot of information on street contact with the PCSOs. Can he say when last we saw a PCSO on the streets in Gorse Hill?

I expect you to follow the Government line, but this is now getting stupid.

TERRY REYNOLDS, Wheeler Avenue, Swindon

Silly statement

For a clever man, and Adam Poole is a clever man, he is apt to say silly things. His latest bid to convince readers the Brexit referendum result is void on the basis the Leave campaign was based on “industrial scale deceit” (SA 14 Dec) ignores the hyperbole of the Remain camp who attempted to terrify the electorate with a series of claims which were factually inaccurate, used international political leaders to press their exaggerated claims, and have used every opportunity to ridicule the majority of voters who chose to leave the EU.

DES MORGAN, Caraway Drive, Swindon

Road is a danger

There needs to be a serious safety review of the A419 as it gets more dangerous every day.

I avoid it as much as I can and I would rather drive through the centre of town than use the A419.

It’s a main link road with a 70mph speed limit yet the tiny filter lanes on the side are simply not safe.

A driver wishing to join the traffic has little choice but to push in as fast as they can or sit waiting for a gap that never appears.

I’m surprised there aren’t more serious accidents but I have no doubt there will be one.

ROGER LACK, North Swindon

An urgent question

What no one will answer – especially the Brexiteers – is ‘will we be better off out of the EU?’ Come on Bill Williams and Co.

ROGER DYSON, Haydon Wick