For the last six months, my 14-year-old daughter has been making my life a misery.

One moment she seems fine and the next she’s accusing me of being nasty to her, particularly when I ask her to do something around the house.

A few weeks ago, I agreed that she could stay over with a friend, but only if she tidied her room. When she didn’t bother cleaning up, but asked again if she could stay with a friend, I refused.

To make matters worse, she’s barely said a word to me for several days. I’m worried that this time I may have damaged our relationship permanently. - RR

Fiona says: I’m sure you’ve done nothing seriously wrong and that your daughter will eventually come around. In the meantime, try not to take what she said too personally; she’s going through her teenage years and some powerful hormonal and physical changes.

In these situations, parents are an easy target - especially when trying to set some boundaries.

When this particular storm has blown over, choose a quiet moment to have a chat with her. Try to begin to see that you’re talking to a young woman, rather than a child.

Should I share rumour?

I’ve never liked or trusted the guy my friend is going out with but I’ve kept my feelings to myself.

However, I found out from one of my colleagues that he’s been bragging in the pub about “using three birds at once”. I’m wondering if the time has come to tell my friend. What do you think? - DL

Fiona says: I can understand why you want to protect your friend, but it’s not that simple. How certain are you that this information is true?

It’s possible that other people don’t like your friend’s boyfriend either and made this up to hurt him. It’s also possible that he said it while drunk to try and impress his drinking buddies.

If you find anything that proves he’s cheating, that’s different. In the meantime, please think carefully before saying something. If you want to tackle anyone about it, ask him directly.