PARANORMAL investigators are getting ready to search for ghosts and supernatural activity at the Boundary House pub in Moredon tonight.

Moonlight Chasers Paranormal Investigations will be exploring the pub throughout the night with ghostbusting gadgets in hand to see if the centuries-old building is haunted.

While the team of 11 investigate every nook and cranny to check for pub poltergeists, 20 members of the public will observe their efforts and take part in a range of spooktacular activities.

The sold-out event will start at 11.30pm and last well into the early hours of Sunday morning, ending at around 5am.

Kathy Pentiicost, Moonlight Chasers team leader was excited about the event.

She said: "The building was investigated a couple of years ago and they did pick up some activity there.

"I held a team meeting there a few weeks ago and the landlady invited us to do another investigation.

"The pub was built in the 1800s so there's a lot of history to the area.

"We'll do a live seance with members of the public and we'll have a medium there to pick up if anyone is there.

"Last time a medium went there he communicated with two men in the bar area who had died there many years ago.

"I'm really looking forward to it, we'll see if we can communicate with any spirits and pick up paranormal activity.

"We ask everyone to turn off their mobile phones because they interfere with the gadgets we use.

"If we get something after the phones are all off, then we know it's real.

"People might come along who don't believe in it at all.

"Hopefully by the end of the night, they'll come away with a different view."