IT is said that stories are humanity’s common currency, and throughout the ages the secret to telling them, and retaining a captive audience, has been sought like an elixir of eternal youth.

But now staff and shoppers in the Brunel Centre are being encouraged to share their own stories with the launch of a new project called Humans of The Brunel.

The innovative new scheme was inspired by the hugely popular Humans of New York, which sees one man and his camera pounding the streets of the Big Apple urging people to share their life stories, both heart-wrenching and warming.

The idea behind Humans of The Brunel is for a shopper, visitor or member of staff on the last day of every month to share their life stories with the world.

Lewis Fagence, The Brunel Centre’s marketing executive, is the brains behind the project.

He said: “Humans of The Brunel is a project to learn more and celebrate the fantastic people who work, shop, play, eat or use the centre.

“I have been at the centre for four months and have met a lot of interesting people and they all have a story to tell. With the Brunel being the heart of Swindon, I think it’s a great platform to tell stories.”

The first instalment in the series was published on the centre’s Facebook page last week, and featured owner of Fresh on Every Sneaker, Matt Cole.

We learn that Matt, 33, was born in Stockton-on-Tees and grew up in Swindon when he moved here with mum and dad at the age of three. When he was 15, the teenage Matt started collecting Sneakers and enjoyed sharing what he had collected with friends and like-minded people on social media.

His early interest in art sprang from his own natural curiosity and was strengthened by his dad’s background in design.

And after receiving a barrage of positive feedback following the publication of pictures of his own attempts at customising Sneakers, the idea for his store was born.

Lewis said: “This project is intended to focus on anyone and everyone. It’s a means for people in Swindon to tell their stories and for us to know a little bit more about the wonderful people who work, shop and eat here.”

If you are interested or know someone who would make a great story, contact The Brunel Centre via their Facebook page.