A MOREDON model strutted her stuff along the runway at two shows during London Fashion Week.

Anita Limbung modelled elegant dresses and stylish outfits from top designers after being picked to pose at the shows by fashion experts.

She wore top-of-the-line clothes from top designers including Hiba Agal, Agnes Krivanics, Monica Jones, Michael Lombard and Judith Jones at a show organised by the by the Independent London Fashion Week Designer Association for Unicef at the Hilton Waldorf Hotel on February 16.

She also walked down the SMGlobal catwalk the next day at the Clayton Hotel in Cricklewopd for designers including Ethan Macpherson and fuchsia blig.

The 26-year-old said: “I was so excited, it was a really good experience for me.

"It's the first time I'd ever walked down that catwalk, it was such a great opportunity to get noticed by big names.

"There was a casting notice for models to walk at London Fashion Week so I went along to audition and I sent them a portfolio.

"When they picked me, I was so happy.

"I used to admire models so much during my childhood.

"I always wanted to be in the media but never really gave it a serious thought.

"But when the opportunity came up, I thought 'why not?' and auditioned for a fashion show in Birmingham "

Anita started her modelling career just two years earlier.

This lead to more auditions and more walk-ons in fashion shows in Oxford and her home country of Nepal.

Anita has also appeared in several music videos, and is set to appear in another one soon.

She took part in a Miss Sparkling Beauty beauty pageant in Swindon in 2016 and won the titles of Miss Charity for her charity work and Miss Talent for her dancing skills.

Anita added: "I grew up watching Bollywood movies and dancing.

"They were my inspiration when I was in the beauty pageantt.

"I got to perform for the judges with a mixture of Bollywood and modern music and won the title.

"It was great fun, I always enjoy participating in these pageants."