POPULAR comedian and star of Radio 4’s Relativity, Richard Herring reaches his half century (against all odds) and in his new show, looks at how his life has changed in the last decade.

From irresponsible, single kidult, literally fighting his way through a mid-life crisis, to married father who is mid-way to the telegram from the Queen, much has changed for Richard and he has plenty to say about it.

The show place on Friday night, the day after what Richard has rebranded International When’s International Men’s Day Day - in honour of a tradition in which he valiantly counters the many aggrieved complaints from men on social media on International Women’s Day about a day for them. (International Men’s Day is November 19, in case you were wondering).

“It seemed a nice thing to do a catch up every 10 years of my life and a lot has changed in the last 10 years, I am married with two children and at this moment peeling potatoes!

“It’s a funny show with a bit of philosophy, but it may be a bit racy for some people,’’ he says.

Following on from Oh F***, I’m 40!, this is the second (and let’s face it, almost certainly penultimate) instalment in Herring’s once-a-decade examination of ageing.

The show, recommended for people aged 14 plus, takes place at 8pm on Friday night at Swindon’s Wyvern Theatre.