NOT many 10-year-olds tread the boards of the West End on a school night.

Since December, Rio Lewis has spent four nights a week singing and dancing – in heels! – in front of a cheering crowd at the Adelphi Theatre as part of the cast of hit musical Kinky Boots.

The youngster also worked as a model for four years with his younger brother Ruben, which is how he got noticed by a casting director.

Rio was encouraged to audition by his agent and impressed the professionals so much that he got offered the role of Young Lola.

His proud mum Gemma said: “It's so surreal to see my son on a West End stage and have people asking for his autograph.

"It was his first time in front of such a big audience and I was worried that he'd freeze up.

"His dad Lance and I were sat there with our hearts in our mouths but Rio wasn't nervous at all.

"He was amazing, we both cried watching him.

"He loves theatre, being in Kinky Boots has made him realise how much he wants to perform."

Rio previously starred in Grease for the Wyvern Theatre’s Summer Youth Project in 2016.

He is one of four young actors who take turns playing Young Lola.

Rio said: “I was a bit nervous at first, I didn't know if I was going to be any good or not.

"It was crazy to be in front of all those people, I was smiling the whole way through, I was so happy.

"Being on stage is amazing.

"I used to be more shy but the cast have been really supportive and fun, we have a laugh.

"It was hard to walk in heels at first but I got used to it.

"I would love to do The Lion King next, it would be great to be Simba."

Gemma explained how Rio first followed in his brother's footsteps and became a model.

She said: "Ruben always used to pose for the camra and wanted to be a model, so we looked for a reputable agency.

"When Rio saw that Ruben was making money and having days off school, he wanted to do it too.

"He sings around the house but I wasn't sure if he'd pass the audition for the musical.

"The casting director loved him and offered him the part - Rio said yes straight away.

"He's a trooper, he gets home from London at midnight and goes to Orchid Vale school the next day.

"Lance and I will support him in whatever he wants to do, it's his dream and the world's his oyster."