Pupils at Holy Rood school were in for a shock when they arrived at school on Friday as their school had been turned into a crime scene investigation.

Naomi Barry, the schools science coordinator, wanted to stage the mock event to mark British Science Week.

The science enthusiast organised a CSI day where the children had to investigate a "crime" that had been committed at the school.

The day began with an assembly in the morning, which was led by two local Police Community Support Officers.

There were two crime scenes created which left evidence such as fingerprints, footprints, blood samples, DNA, chromatography and "urine".

This is when the children had to put their science skills into practice to find out who could have committed the crime.

The whole school took part in various activities throughout the day before presenting their findings at a further assembly in the afternoon to reveal who could have done it.

However, there was one last twist and the teachers would have the last laugh as it wasn’t just one member of staff who committed the crime, it was two.

Teaching assistants Linda Newell and Mandi Masi stole all the plates, bowls and cutlery, leaving the pupils of Holy Rood to eat their lunch on disposable dinnerware.

Naomi said: “The purpose of the day is for the children to experience real world science.

“I wanted to make the link that science is used in a lot of jobs and that it shouldn’t be side-lined.

“I really enjoyed organising it and found it just as exciting as the kids, watching them engage made it all worth it.”

One of the reasons this was made possible is because of the school’s involvement in the Let Teachers Shine project. Governor for Holy Rood Primary School, Pete Scutt, made a successful application to the project which aims to support primary schools with the delivery of the new science curriculum.