A CROSS Street Garage manager is trying to raise thousands for the charity that supported his daughters when they were born weighing just over a pound each.

Dan Sinclair's daughters Scarlet and Millie needed to stay in incubators and undergo urgent operations when they were newborns.

Scarlet sadly didn't survive the operation, but Millie is alive and well today.

Dan said: "Without the help of charities like Action Medical Research, Millie wouldn't have made it.

"She's five now and you would never have guessed what she's gone through.

"I want to give something back and help kids who were in her situation.

"It's such a good cause that's really close to my heart."

Staff at the garage have been raising money for Action Medical Research for several years and this time, they are aiming to hit £20,000 by the end of 2018.

First, they're hosting a family fun day at their County Road garage this Saturday from 9am to 4pm, with Paddington bear, sport-y games, facepainting, a barbecue, a charity auction, a raffle, and more.

Then, 14 employees will Trek the Night through the Cotswolds on June 9, and Dan and two colleagues will cycle from London to Paris on July 25 - with Dan cycling for an extra three days to Geneva afterwards.

A friend of Dan's is taking part in a 'Scumrun' across Europe in May, where participants drive across the continent for four days in a vehicle that costs less than £300.

Dan added: “Everyone's helping and getting involved, we've put a lot of work into this.

"The fun day is something a bit different, there's hockey, football, NERF, and golf games we've tailored to the motor trade by using our vans and lorries.

"I should probably do some training for the bike ride but it's hard to find the time and last year I just turned up with my bike for the London to Paris route and did fine.

"It was hard work but it was like a holiday, away from work and all worries for a few days, it was nice.

"I'd like to do something like that every year for charity until I just can't do it anymore."

To donate, visit action.org.uk/sponsor/CrossStreet2018