A band closely associated with a previous era returning to the musical fray has a few problems when it comes to recording a new musical calling card, something to underline that this is more than just a bank balance driven, rose tinted, nostalgia trip. New material finds you ignoring your obvious selling point and the power of your back catalogue, but a straight out greatest hits collection brings nothing new to the table. The Christians, however, as their deftly crafted, hard centred, soul-pop songs indicated first time around, were always smarter than most. So with an album of re-imagined hits called Sings and Strings receiving critical and commercial praise and their current tour rolling into The MECA on Saturday this is the perfect time to grab a ticket (not to mention a copy of the latest fab and groovy platter) and remind yourself of all of those great tunes.

The band were once described as “The Temptations in ripped jeans, producing gritty-centred songs in a sugary vocal shell,” so now you can find out what happened to those ripped jeaned soul boys now that they are all grown up! The Christians will be supported on the night by The Groove Radicals ‘the band that Swindon has been waiting for – a full 9 piece band playing non-stop funk, soul and disco classics’

So if a night which combines effortless pop soul vibes, hints of nostalgia, forgotten classic songs, groovesome and fun music and one of the coolest bands on the circuit today, is for you, then grab a ticket today!